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for muscle and joint problems
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  • advice
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patients have been given treatment advice via MSK assist*
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*Data sampled on 21st April 2020

**Feedback from 75 patient surveys.

What is MSK assist?

MSK assist is a free-of-charge service that offers patients access to helpful advice, exercises and tools to  best mange a range of common MSK conditions.

How it works:

Follow this simple 3 stage journey to access useful advice.

  • Visit the body chart page to find the affected area
  • Select a condition
  • Enter your email address for instructions on how to get advice via the free MSK assist app

What's in your MSK assist app

Clinical Impression

Understand the condition with detailed information provided by professionals.


Best Options

Advice about how to manage the condition, from losing weight to modifying activities.



Monitor your recovery by answering a few simple questions every two weeks.



Video exercises selected by MSK clinicians to assist in the recovery of each condition.


Appointment History

View the history of your appointments whenever the clinician used MSK assist.



Designed to give an idea of usual features & recovery times for certain conditions.


Help and Support

Contact details for your clinic should you need need more support and advice.


Need more help to get better?

Watch our videos on how best to manage 

muscle and joint problems. 

If you need different exercises to help your recovery just click below.