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MSK assist is making their unique patient education videos available to be shown in clinic waiting rooms.

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We provide videos that support your clinical conversations

It’s well known that some clinical conversations are more difficult than others. Tackling complex issues such as reasons not to order investigations, the need to exercise and the importance of weight loss are just some of the topics covered in MSK assist’s new videos. 

Our story

We understand the challenges faced by both clinicians and patients within modern day MSK clinics. 

We know that clinicians spend a great deal of time and effort explaining to patients large amounts of information about their condition and treatment plan.  Unfortunately, due to information overload, much of this complex information is poorly understood and usually forgotten.   

We want to make life easier for clinicians and patients.

Through our videos we want give patients a better understanding of common issues that could help them to successfully carry out their treatment plans. 

So let us help you to start effectively engaging and educating your patients. Simply sign-up below and we will start sending you our series of patient education videos.

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