Helping patients throughout
the clinical pathway

Designed to work within all MSK services

MSK assist reduces demand on MSK services through reducing referrals from primary care and by reducing follow-up appointments within MSK services. 

General Practice

MSK assist has been created to be a valuable tool for GPs who manage a busy musculoskeletal caseload. 

GP’s can be reassured that they are providing their patients with effective musculoskeletal treatment plans that have been created by musculoskeletal specialists.  

MSK assist aims to reduce GP referrals to msk services by effectively engaging patients in managing their MSK complaints.  

First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

FCP clinics are rapidly evolving within General Practices throughout the UK. MSK assist is a clinical tool that fits perfectly for clinicians providing these roles. 

It’s common place for clinicians to spend a significant amount of time explaining to patients their diagnosis, their options and their treatment plan.

With a few simple clicks, MSK assist allows clinicians to provide their patients with all this information for them to read, understand and engage with their plan of action. 

Telephone Triage

MSK assist can be the perfect accompaniment to a physiotherapy telephone triage service. 

Following their consultation, clinicians can send their patients personalised treatment plans that can be provided in either paper format or digitally.

MSK assist helps patients to self-manage and reduce the likelihood of them requiring face to face appointments within the physiotherapy service.  

Physiotherapy Outpatients

MSK assist can help patients to engage in their physiotherapy treatment plans from the minute they enter the waiting room.

Patient education videos, displayed in waiting rooms aim to reinforce key health messages that are discussed in physiotherapy clinics. 

Alongside the personal treatment plans, MSK assist provides clinicians with the functionality to create a database of useful community services that patients can access from their app.

MSK Triage Clinics

MSK assist aids APP clinicians to effectively manage a caseload of patients with multiple needs through various clinical pathways. 

Clinicians can provide a varied range of treatment plans ranging from a focus on investigations, treatment from other services or to simply providing patients with ‘physio’ based treatment plans. 

MSK assist can make triaging patients that much easier through effectively managing patient expectations  and reducing demand on other services.


MSK assist can help with the shared decision making process and manage patients expectations prior to attending an Orthopaedic service. 

A better informed patient ensures a greater likelihood of a positive outcome post surgery. MSK assist can also provides patients with personalised post-operative treatment plans ensuring they receive effective post-op care and improve the likelihood of a positive treatment outcome.


MSK assist also contains clinical information related to specific msk podiatry conditions. 

Patients can work from their personalised treatment plan to implement the advice they have been provided along with carrying out exercise plans, monitoring their progress as well as exploring other services that will help with their foot condition. 


MSK assist is developing a database of clinical information that will be useful for clinicians who work within rheumatological services. 

Along with personalised treatment plans, patients with long term conditions can utilise specific outcome measures to allow their clinicians to easily monitor their progress either remotely or at planned review appointments. 

Pain Clinic

MSK assist aims to help patients who attend pain services through providing relevant information that aims to manage patient expectations along with helping patients to manage long term pain.

MSK assist understands the complexities of chronic pain and is developing its offer to include information focused not only on the physical but also the psychological influences on pain.   

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