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Provide your patients with a healthcare experience they won’t forget!

MSK assist provides a unique and valuable service to private musculoskeletal health services. In order to stay one step ahead of competitors, private health services must not only provide first class care but also offer first class customer service.

Similar to services like online booking and virtual appointments, modern day patients want digital solutions to provide convenience and enhance their overall experience. 

MSK assist allows clinics to provide excellent aftercare by providing with a personalised treatment plan. This information in conjunction with with a range of useful digital tools encourages patients to engage in their treatment plan and improves the likelihood of positive treatment outcomes.

Positive treatment outcomes not only creates happy clinicians but also happy patients – who are more likely to return should another musculoskeletal condition arises.

MSK assist can also be white-labelled as well as deliver clinic specific information to patients. These features will not only boost a clinics brand awareness but through effective engagement it will also improve retention of existing clients. 

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