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simplifying musculoskeletal healthcare

Giving primary care clinicians the tools they need to deliver effective MSK care.

here to support gp services

As the demand for GP appointments continues to grow, clinicians have less time to effectively manage their patients. This leads to many patients with muscle and joint complaints to be poorly managed or unnecessarily referred.

MSK assist is here to help by providing GP’s with the right information and tools to quickly provide effective help and in turn reduce unnecessary demand on clinical services.  

Clinical Guidelines

MSK assist provides up-to-date clinical guidelines in regards to diagnosing and effectively managing the most commonly seen MSK conditions.

Treatment plans

Clinicians can effortlessly provide their patients with effective treatment plans and self-management tools via the MSK assist patient app. 

service improvement

Through improving a patient's ability to self-mange and reducing unnecessary referrals, MSK assist will result in cost savings for CCGs, STPs and Clinical services.

What Our customers say

MSK assist is super easy to use and has been a great help to me following my appointment. It's helped me greatly with getting over my shoulder problem.

Physio Patient

It is a great help to me in clinic and for my patients. It's quick and easy. You can give your patients a comprehensive treatment plan with just a few clicks which they find really useful.

APP Clinician

First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

FCP clinics are rapidly evolving within General Practices throughout the UK. MSK assist is a clinical tool that fits perfectly for clinicians providing these roles. 

It’s common place for clinicians to spend a significant amount of time explaining to patients their diagnosis, their options and their treatment plan.

With a few simple clicks, MSK assist allows clinicians to provide their patients with all this information for them to read, understand and engage with their plan of action. 

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