Ongoing use of MSK assist...

MSK assist is freely available to NHS services to use with their patients for a three month period. This will end on the 30th of June and if services wish to continue to use any of the platforms, they will need to contact MSK assist and create an account. 

MSK assist user licences can be purchased as annual subscriptions for use of all platforms or can be purchased as stand alone platforms.

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MSK assist’s Primary Care and Secondary Care platforms pricing model is calculated on the number of annual new MSK patients seen by a service. 

MSK assist ‘Patient platform’ priced on number of organisation websites it is plugged into. 

30p – 50p per patient 

50p per patient for up to ten thousand patients and reducing to 30p per patient for patient numbers above ten thousand.

Patient Platform

Add the MSK assist patient platform to your existing website. Provide an effective resource to help your patients to self-manage their msk complaints. For a small annual cost, the msk assist patient platform can be easily plugged into your existing website to provide supportive advice to all your patients.

Example of costing

The patient platform is plugged into a organisations website and the price for this platform is calculated based on the number of websites that the patient platform is made available from. The annual cost for the patient platform is £,1000 per website.  

Primary Care

If you wish to continue to use MSK assist ‘Primary Care’ please contact us to discuss how we can continue to support your organisation. We can support the role out of MSK assist from large service deployments (STP) to single practices. 

Example of costing

A GP practice with a population of 10,000 patients will see approximately 2,000 MSK patients annually. The annual cost for MSK assist Primary Care would be £,1000, allowing unlimited number of users and patients to use the clinical and patient platforms.

Secondary Care

The MSK assist ‘Secondary Care’ platform effectively supports physiotherapy based services with the management of their patient caseloads either at the point of referral, triage or appointment (virtual/ face to face). 

Example of costing

A physiotherapy service that see’s a population of 10,000 new patients annually will incur an annual cost for MSK assist Secondary Care of £5000. This allows unlimited number of clinical users to use the secondary care clinical platform.


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