patient app

MSK Assist Patient App

A digital treatment plan on-the-go

clinical information

Created by MSK specialists who provide up-to-date clinical information on how best to manage a wide range of MSK complaints.

Exercise plans

Exercise plans contain videos and explanations on how to do and get the most from a prescribed exercise plan.

Help & Support

Further help is just a button press away should patients request further support from their clinical service.

progress reports

Patients can complete validated outcome measures to monitor their own progress as well as providing it to their clinician for review

Social prescribing

Patients can access a database of local useful services so as to continue self-managing after their appointment.


MSK assist provides patients with a useful timeline to monitor their progress against the usual progress for certain MSK conditions

Patient experience

1 %

73% of patients would recommend MSK assist to other patients with MSK conditions 

1 %

65% of patients reported an improved understanding of their condition. 

1 %
More involved

75% of pattens reported becoming more involved in self-managing their condition 

Access treatment plans at anytime

MSK assist not only allows patients the luxury of accessing their clinical information at a time that’s convenient. It also provides the opportunity for patients to better understand, reflect and engage with their treatment plan.
The mobile app provides each patient with a digital copy of their treatment plan along with exercise videos, detailed information about the diagnosis, treatments, options discussed and investigations.
Patients are gently reminded to complete outcome measure questionnaires and to report back any exercises they have completed allowing the patient and clinician to track recovery progress.

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