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Patient Videos:

To work within and alongside MSK assist we have developed a series of patient education videos to help patients to better understand some of the common topics discussed within musculoskeletal healthcare. Following a number of patient forums, it was identified that our videos needed to be short, engaging and deliver useful messages but without the medical jargon.

Here’s what we’ve come up with…so far

"Surgery will sort it!...or will it?

Many patients hope that their musculoskeletal complaint can be sorted with a surgical fix. A surgical “wash-out” is thought of as a simple and quick solution to get people back to their normal level of function.

Unfortunately, it’s often not that simple and in many cases surgery only brings a number of risks to a patient rather than a high likelihood of improvements.

Research has shown that in the case of Knee osteoarthritis, exercise is just as effective to surgery. It may take longer to see improvements but it comes with little to no risks and provides greater long term benefits.

Healthy weight = Happy joints 

The benefits of being a healthy weight are well known. This is especially true in the field of musculoskeletal healthcare. Being overweight can place extra stress on the body which can lead to pain and joint wear.

A change in diet and a gradual increase in exercise can be integral in improving the chances of maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.

Look after your body and it’ll look after you.  

Fitness for everyday life

It’s important to stay physically active as we get older. The root of many people’s musculoskeletal problems is simply due to a lack of strength and fitness to cope with normal day to day activities.

This video aims to identify to patients that being physically fit can prevent and help many musculoskeletal conditions.