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As the demand for GP appointments continues to grow, clinicians have less time to effectively manage their patients. This leads to many patients with muscle and joint complaints to be poorly managed or unnecessarily referred.

MSK assist is here to help by providing GP’s with the right information and tools to quickly provide effective help and in turn reduce unnecessary demand on clinical services.  

Our Numbers...and growing


…and growing. Patient numbers are rapidly growing within the NHS sites that are utilising MSK assist.

Treatment plans

Ranging from Sciatica to sprained ankles, MSK assist provides support for a wide range of conditions.

App Downloads

App downloads remain the most popular way for patients to receive their treatment plans.  


Physio/ FCP/ MSK Triage

MSK assist provides clinicians with the functionality to support patients following their appointments. More than just providing exercises, MSK assist focuses on all aspects of a patient’s treatment plan so as to ensure a greater chance of positive treatment outcomes.

Podiatry/ Pain services

MSK assist provides useful information for all specialities that work with MSK patients. From foot orthotics to pain relieving injections…MSK assist has it covered. 

Orthopaedics/ Rheumatology

MSK assist helps with managing patients who require surgical input to those with long-term conditions. From managing expectations to shared decision making, MSK assist aims to improve treatment outcomes.

What Our users say

MSK assist has been a great help to me in clinic. With a few clicks I can now create detailed treatment plans which my patients are reporting to be very helpful.

Junior Physiotherapist

MSK assist is a great step forward for the NHS. I love the fact that I left my appointment with the information I need to carry on with my treatment. Keep up the great work!

MSK patient

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