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The future delivery of MSK healthcare will be different. Covid19 has changed how MSK services will be delivered for at least the foreseeable future and maybe forever. The restrictions placed on the ability of healthcare organisations to provide face to face appointments has made all services explore new methods of service delivery. 


The use of digital technologies has provided a lifeline for services and the use of telemedicine has increased significantly. It has provided clinicians with a solution to communicate, assess and provide support to patients who otherwise would have remained on service waiting lists.


As service capacity has reduced within most NHS organisations, online/ telephone patient consultations have provided a useful solution to not only ‘safety net’ patients but to also provide patients with self-management support for their MSK complaints. 


This reduction in capacity is meaning however, that the majority of patients are having one appointment and being provided with resources to self-manage. It is hoped that many patients will be successful in their recovery with this input or at least continue to manage until some form of normal service resumes. 


This reduction in service provision has therefore highlighted a need for services to provide patients with helpful and effective self-management resources. Digital patient resources have also seen a significant increase in usage and many services have looked to either create their own resources or to explore ready made solutions on the market. Organisations are looking for resources that will support their existing services, that can be easily implemented and most importantly are simple to use in order to ensure uptake by clinicians and patients.


Up and down the country NHS organisations are currently busy planning how they will resume some form of service within the coming weeks. It is clear that the capacity to see patients face to face will remain low for at least the coming months and therefore organisations are planning alternatives.  The primary issue for services is how to cope with their reduced capacity but with a potential surge in patient demand.


The world of healthcare is now different and we expect that digital health systems will continue to play an integral part of ongoing services. We believe that now is the time to start exploring the use of digital platforms that can support service delivery so as to help ease some of the growing pressure on MSK services that may only be around the corner. 

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MSK assist is a digital platform that supports Primary Care and MSK services in the management of their patient caseload. We hope that you may explore how our systems can help support your clinicians and patients during this new time for NHS services. For more information please click www.mskassist.com

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