MSK assist App help


Most frequent questions and answers about the App

Watch this short video on how download the patient app. You will receive an email from MSK assist instructing you to create a password and instructions on how to download the app on to your phone.

This short video takes you through the main features of the patient app. Learn how to complete your exercises, record your progress and access lots of useful information. 

If you need any information about your treatment plan please contact your clinician or service who provided you with the  MSK assist app. 

If you are having technical problems or need any information about the  MSK assist app please contact us via the support page on this website or email: tech@msknote.com 

You can withdraw your consent and let us know you do not want the personal data we maintain to be used for processing.  Send an email to info@msknote.com using the email address of your MSK assist account for which you wish to withdraw your consent. Please specify the scope of your request. You will be required to demonstrate ownership of the account in question before proceeding.

Deleting the app on your phone only removes the icon from your homepage. It will not delete any of your saved  information on the app or clinical system. You can re-access your information by downloading the app and logging back in.