What’s new for February 2020

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Hello again,

Tim here, Lead Developer on the MSK assist team, I’m here to tell you about our biggest update yet (probably) and what it new and existing MSK assist users can expect when they login.

New Exercises

This has been, without a doubt, the most requested feature. Cathal went back to the studio in early January to record another 170 exercise videos and we’re about to release them to the MSK assist secondary care version. That means all you physios out there will have much greater flexibility with your exercise plans…but wait…there’s more. With the addition of so much new content we had to redesign our interface to fit it all in and that brings us to the second feature of this update…


When you next start a treatment plan you’ll immediately notice the addition of tabs and a search box above the clinical options. It’s now much easier to find what you’re looking for as Options and Exercises have been separated out and the search box will give you access to options and exercises not usually associated with your chosen clinical impression. All this leads to much greater flexibility with your treatment advice and exercise plans.


My personal favourite feature (no pun intended) from this update is the favourites button. We know that you’ll provide the same advice for 80% to 90% of patients with a specific condition, so why should you need to scour through the list of options and exercises each time to find the ones you need. Each clinical impression now has a set of favourites that you can build up to suit your needs; always recommend weight loss & donkey kicks? simply click the star icon to add them to your favourites tab. Next time you’re with a patient with the same diagnosis you’ll be able to build your plan in seconds.


Another requested feature was a notifications list so that you can see your latest activity and return to a recent patient’s file with ease. When you login now you’ll see your notifications just before the patient search screen. They’ll build up as you work and we’ll pop a reminder in their every now and then if we have an important update for you.

Patient Consent

We identified a potential flaw in our patient consent process, you may remember that you needed to gain consent whenever you started a new treatment plan, however, by this time some patient data may have already been sent to the database. To counter the risk of this happening we now ask for you and the patient to consent at the point that you register the patient with MSK assist, this workflow is not quite as intrusive before and will ensure the safety, security and legality of any stored data. On that note, we also have removed all requirements for registering a patient, they don’t even need an email address so if you or your patient has any concerns about their personal information but still wants a treatment plan just unclick the “Use email address?” switch and print the plan out at the end.

That’s all

We really hope the new features are useful and time-saving, please give us your feedback on TWITTER , FACEBOOK or email info@mskassist.com

I’ll be back in February with another update.


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