4 point kneeling – Cat stretch
Active assisted elbow flexion
Active assisted elbow pronation
Active assisted elbow supination
Active assisted Knee extension (seated)
Active assisted shoulder abduction
Active assisted shoulder external rotation
Active assisted shoulder flexion
Active Assisted shoulder internal rotation
Active assisted wrist extension
Active assisted wrist flexion
Active elbow flexion with weight
Active finger extension
Active finger flexion
Active knee extension
Active straight leg raise
Active thumb – pincer
Active thumb opposition
Ankle dorsiflexion/ plantar flexion in sitting
Ankle Flexion (Kneeling)
Ankle mobility
Ankle plantar – dorsi flexion
Ankle rotation
Ankle rotation elevated
Ankle rotation in sitting
Assisted shoulder flexion supine
Assisted thumb flexion-extension
Assisted wrist extension
Assisted wrist flexion
Assisted wrist radial deviation
Assisted wrist ulnar deviation
Basic clam
Bent over row with weight
Bridge – double leg
Bridge – single leg
Bridge – single leg with elevation
Bridge with ball squeeze
Bulgarian split squat
Calf stretch – Gastroc
Calf stretch – Soleus
Calf stretch on step
Cervical extension
Cervical flexion
Cervical flexion with overpressure
Cervical lateral flexion
Cervical lateral flexion – overpressure
Cervical Protraction
Cervical Retraction
Cervical retraction (in prone)
Cervical spine – extension – isometric
Cervical spine – flexion – isometric
Cervical spine – rotation – isometric
Cervical spine extension – in prone
Cervical spine extension – resistance band
Cervical spine flexion – resistance band
Cervical spine lateral flexion – isometric resistance
Cervical spine lateral flexion – resistance band
Cervical spine rotation – resistance band
Child pose stretch
Combined cervical rotation with flexion
Combined cervical rotation with flexion and overpressure
Crab walks – flexed knees
Crab walks – stiff leg
Dead bug – alternate leg/ arm
Dead bug – arm drops
Dead bug – leg drops
Dead bug – standard
DIP flexion
Double leg 45 degree squat
Double leg bridge with ball
Double leg bridge with elevation
Double leg bridge with straight legs
Double leg calf raise
Double leg calf raise on step
Double leg elevated bridge
Eccentric calf lowering on step
Eccentric loading biceps
Eccentric loading golfers elbow
Eccentric loading tennis elbow
Elbow crutches – 4 point walking
Elbow crutches – Full-weight bearing
Elbow crutches – Non-weight bearing
Elbow crutches – Non-weight bearing – stairs down
Elbow crutches – Non-weight bearing – stairs up
Elbow crutches – Partial-weight bearing
Elbow crutches – Partial-weight bearing – stairs down
Elbow crutches – Partial-weight bearing – stairs up
Elbow crutches – Touch-weight bearing
Elbow extension weighted
Exercise – FAQ
Finger flexion with resistance
Fist – with resistance
Foam roller – Buttock muscles
Foam roller – Hamstring
Foam roller – quadriceps
Foot – Alphabet
Foot – big toe extension
Foot – inversion – resisted
Foot – plantar fascia massage (golf ball)
Foot – plantar fascia stretch
Foot – resisted ankle eversion
Foot – toe grip holds
Foot – toe grips
Foot – windlass stretch with mobilisation
Full squats
Goblet squat
Good morning
Groin stretch
Hamstring stretch – on floor
Hamstring stretch – on step
Hamstring stretch – supine
High knees
High knees – advanced
Hip – abduction – side lying – resistance band
Hip – Donkey kick (knee flexed)
Hip – Donkey kick (knee straight)
Hip – external rotation – resistance band
Hip – one leg bridge – marching
Hip – one leg bridge – marching with knee extension
Hip – two leg bridge – pillow squeeze
Hip – two leg bridge – resistance band
Hip abduction – isometric – standing
Hip abduction – Resisted – Standing
Hip abduction – side lying
Hip abduction – Sitting
Hip abduction – Standing
Hip abduction – standing
Hip abduction in 4 point kneeling (fire hydrant)
Hip adduction
Hip adduction – side lying
Hip extension – Resisted – standing
Hip extension – standing
Hip flexion – double leg
Hip flexion – Resisted – standing
Hip flexion – single leg
Hip flexion – standing
Hip flexor stretch
Hip Rotator Stretch (level 1)
Hip Rotator stretch (level 2)
Hip Rotator stretch (level 3)
Hop and Balance
Inner Range Quads with ball
Isometric external shoulder rotation
Isometric internal shoulder rotation
Isometric shoulder abduction
Isometric shoulder flexion
Jefferson curl
Jefferson curl with weight
Jogging on the spot
Jump squats
Kettle bell swings
Kettle bell swings with squat
Knee extension – gym ball – single leg
Knee extension – gym ball – two leg
Knee extension – resistance band
Knee extension prone
Knee flexion – Lunge on step
Knee flexion – resisted (prone)
Knee flexion (prone)
Knee slide basic
Knee slide with hold
Kneeling – 1 arm thoracic extension stretch
Kneeling – 2 arm thoracic extension stretch
Lateral ankle stretch
Lateral step down
Lateral step up/ down
Lunge – with resistance (mwm)
Lunge (half)
Marching on the spot
MCP flexion
Median nerve – neural slider
Median nerve – tensioner
Monster walks
One leg balance
One leg balance – eyes closed
Pallof press
Partial squat
Pelvic tilt
PIP flexion
Plank – knees
Plyometric box jump – down
Plyometric box jump – down/ up
Plyometric box jump – up
Prayer position
Quad stretch
Radial nerve – slider
Radial nerve – tensioner
Resisted Abduction
Resisted shoulder external rotation
Resisted shoulder Flexion
Resisted standing arm row
Reverse lunge (full)
Reverse lunge (half)
ROM – active assisted knee flexion (seated)
Romanian deadlift
Scapula set – arm raise – level 2 – prone
Scapula set – arm raise – prone
Scapula set – arm Y raise – prone
SCM stretch
Seated heel raises
Seated knee extension
Seated toe raises
Shoulder – circles at 90 degrees abduction
Shoulder – circles at 90 degrees flexion
Shoulder – External rotation at 90 degrees – Resisted
Shoulder – Internal rotation at 90 degrees – Resisted
Shoulder – Internal rotation at 90 degrees – stretch (sleeper stretch)
Shoulder – Lower traps lat pulls
Shoulder – One arm row
Shoulder – Pull down with resistance band narrow
Shoulder – Pull down with resistance band wide
Shoulder – resisted external rotation with trunk rotation
Shoulder – resisted internal rotation with trunk rotation
Shoulder – Reverse fly
Shoulder – reverse fly with resistance band
Shoulder – Rows (resistance band)
Shoulder Abduction
Shoulder Abduction – pulley
Shoulder abduction (wall slide)
Shoulder abduction with weight
Shoulder adduction – resisted
Shoulder flexion – Pulley
Shoulder flexion – table slide – standing
Shoulder flexion – table slide (sitting)
Shoulder flexion (standing)
Shoulder flexion (wall slide)
Shoulder internal rotation – pulley
Shoulder internal rotation stretch (towel)
Shoulder pendulum (abduction)
Shoulder pendulum (circle)
Shoulder pendulum (flexion)
Shoulder Posterior Capsule stretch
Shoulder proprioception in abduction
Shoulder proprioception in flexion
Side lying – Throacic rotation
Side plank – level 1
Side plank – level 2
Side plank – level 3
Single leg balance – cushion
Single leg balance – cushion (eyes closed)
Single leg balance – star excursion
Single leg balance with cushion
Single leg bridge on ball
Single leg calf raise from the floor
Single leg deadlift
Single leg sit to stand
Single leg squat
Single leg squat assisted
Single leg toe raises
Sit to stand (chair)
Sitting – cervical rotation
Sitting – cervical rotation with overpressure
Sitting – Thoracic flexion
Sitting – thoracic rotation
Sitting balance – gym ball
Sitting balance – gym ball (eyes closed)
Sitting balance – gym ball (one foot)
Sitting balance – gym ball (one heel off ground)
Sitting thoracic extension
Slump – neural slider
Slump – neural tensioner
Standing – lumbar extension
Standing – lumbar flexion
Standing – lumbar lateral flexion
Standing knee flexion
Standing single arm row
Star jumps
Static Hamstring contraction with ball
Static quad contraction
Step downs
Step ups
Stiff leg – deadlift
Sumo deadlift
Sumo squat
Sumo squat with weight
Supine lumbar rotation
Supine Shoulder flexion (bent elbow)
Supine Shoulder flexion (straight arm)
Supine Shoulder flexion (with elbow bent) weighted
Table top – supine with leg lift
Thoracic rotation – Thread the needle
Thumb abduction
Thumb extension
Thumb IP assisted flexion
Thumb MCP assisted flexion
Thumb pincer putty squeeze
Tricep stretch
Trunk rotation against resistance
Two footed balance on cushion
Two leg balance – cushion (eyes closed)
Two leg balance – eyes closed
Two leg balance – infront/ behind
Two leg balance – infront/ behind with eyes closed
Two leg balance – on cushion
Two leg balance – Reach outside base of support
Ulnar nerve – tensioner
Wall push up
Wall sit – one leg
Wall sit – two feet
Wall slide – single leg
Wall slide – two feet
Wall squat with ball
Weight bearing on table
Wrist extension weighted
Wrist flexion weighted
Wrist Radial – Ulnar deviation