Gain access to “MSK assist Secondary care” and the companion patient app with our scaleable solution. Create an account in seconds then load your account with patient credits to register patients onto MSK assist.

MSK assist is quick & easy to use and allows full customisation of treatment plans that can be sent to the patient’s inbox or to the free MSK assist mobile app.

Unlike most tools there’s no subscription cost for using MSK assist and you have complete control over how many patient credits you purchase and when. Patient credits only expire after 2 years

Product Details

MSK assist Clinical Platform

Create bespoke treatment plans

Choose from pre-filled information about clinical impressions, options discussed, treatments and investigations

Customise any information to suit your patient

Exercises with description, images and videos

Send treatment plans to a patient’s inbox

Register patients with the free MSK assist mobile app

Monitor patient outcome measures and exercise adherance on the patient journal

Mobile App

Secure login

Free to download and use

View your exercise plan in video format

Notify your clinician when you complete exercises

Monitor your recovery by submitting outcome measures

Access detailed information about your condition, what investigations you may need & treatments you may receive

Advice on how to self-manage your condition

View timelines of expected recovery profiles