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MSK Assist Clinician Platfrom

Helping support every clinical consultation

clinical information

MSK assist provides up-to-date clinical information on how best to manage a wide range of MSK complaints.

Exercise plans

Easily create a comprehensive exercise plan as part of your patient treatment plan.

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remote monitoring

Patient information recorded on the patient app can be viewed by their clinician for monitoring purposes.

App/ email/ print

MSK assist treatment plans can are not just for the digital users. They can be provided to patients in various formats.

Clinician experience

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75% of clinicians would recommend MSK assist to other MSK clinicians.

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User friendly

83% of clinicians report that MSK assist is user-friendly with the clinical environment. 

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70% of clinicians believed that MSK assist helps their patients to manage their condition.

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52% of clinicians reported that using MSK assist has reduced their referral numbers.

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