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Ankle Sprain (Lateral)
Injured ankle during an activity
Pain on outside of ankle
Swollen Ankle
Difficult walking for first few days after injury
Achilles Tendonopathy
Pain over back of heel/ lower limb
More painful after exercise/ activity
Feeling of stiffness first thing in morning or after period of inactivity
Stiffness improves with activity
Plantar Heel Pain
Heel pain under the foot
Worse with first steps after sitting
Worse first thing in the morning
Better with wearing cushioned shoes
Hallux Valgus (Bunions)
Big toe pointing towards the other toes
Swollen, bony bump on the outside edge of your foot
Big toe joint pain/ swelling that’s made worse by pressure from wearing shoes
Sore skin over the top of the bunion
Painful Ankle
Pain and swelling over ankle joint
Stiffness first thing in morning or after inactivity
Stiffness improves with activity
Pain may increase with walking/ exercise
Symptom improvements with rest
Pes Planus (Flat Foot)
Plantar heel pain
Worse with load
Worse in the morning