Is your MSK service struggling to manage patient demand?

Treatment plans, information, and videos from MSK assist can reduce patient reliance on MSK and GP services

The MSK assist Pathway

Support for patients and clinicians at each step of the MSK pathway

1. Pre-appointment

The Patient Hub & Web Edition

Patients are able to access MSK assist treatment plans before their appointment by visiting either the Patient Hub or the Web Edition.

The Patient Hub is a free-of-charge service that offers patients a limited selection of treatment plans for some of the most common MSK conditions.

The Web Edition offers an extended version of the patient hub that links directly into a clinic’s website and offers a range of treatment plans for common and complicated conditions. This web plugin can be branded with the clinic’s choice of logo and colours.

Additionally all patient registrations, outcome measures andexercise adherance results report directly back to the clinic’s MSK assist reports account.

2. Waiting Room

Information Videos

Our growing library of videos can be made available to organisations for use on websites or in wiating rooms. We even have subtitled versions available.

3. Primary Care

MSK assist "Primary Care"

Primary care clinicians can provide patients with MSK assist treatment plans via email or the MSK assist app.

Clinicians using this tool benefit from additional information about each diagnosis, clinical guidelines, treatment options, recommended investigations and advice on when to refer.

4. Secondary Care

MSK assist "Seconday Care"

Designed by MSK clinicians, the Secondary Care application let’s clinicians experience the freedom to fully customise each treatment and exercise plan.

Users can build treatment plans in seconds by selected from a huge range of clinical impressions, treatments, investigations, over 200 exercises and more. Each option is complete with information written by expert MSK professionals which can be edited or re-written.

5. Self Management

The MSK assist mobile app

Patients can access their treatment plans on the free MSK assist app. The app brings the treatment plan to life with recovery timelines, extended information, video exercises, recommended local services and more..

Patients can also report outcome measures back to their clinician as well as completing a daily exercise diary.

6. Reporting

MSK assist Reports

Every application in the MSK assist range sends data back to our central database. We record hundreds of anonymised patient actions every day and also create an audit trail of clinical activity.

This application gives services an unprecedented insight into their MSK service, it’s patients and MSK assist usage.

Reports users can see MSK assist activity across their entire organisation from what the most common condition is to which advice clinicians prefer to give out.

What patients say

Less reliant on services

0 %
of patients reported a reduced reliance on GP and MSK services

A better understanding

0 %
of patients reported an improved understanding of their condition

More involved

0 %
of patients said they became more involved in self-managing their condition

*Survey of 75 MSK assist users

What clinicians say

User friendly

0 %
of clinicians said that MSK assist is user-friendly within a clinical environment


0 %
of clinicians believe that MSK assist helps patients self-manage their condition

Fewer Referrals

0 %
of clinicians reported that MSK assist reduced their referral numbers

Who's using MSK assist

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