MSK assist

Reducing Demand & Costs for Primary Care and Musculoskeletal services by providing clinical support to help patients effectively self-manage.

Is your CCG, STP or Musculoskeletal services struggling to manage patient demand?

Here is how we can help…

Primary Care

A specific primary care version that helps clinicians to quickly and effectively manage the most common MSK conditions.

MSK services

The complete tool to effectively provide patients with personalised treatment plans that promotes self-management.

MSK patients

Plugin MSK assist to your website to allow all your patients access to a library of clinical information and the MSK assist app.

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The benefits

1 %
Less reliance

43% of patients reported less reliance on their GP and physiotherapy service

1 %

65% of patients reported an improved understanding of their condition. 

1 %
More involved

75% of pattens reported becoming more involved in self-managing their condition 

An engaged patient = Less demand on health services

Patient engagement is far superior when a solution engages both patients and professionals, which is why MSK assist typically sees over 70% patient uptake of the platform.
Patient's who are more involved in managing their health result in less use of health services and in turn reduces healthcare costs.
With growing demand on health services, let MSK assist start to help engaging patients to better health.

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Learn more about each of the different MSK assist solutions

MSK version

GP version

Patient app

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