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MSK assist has been designed to work within all services that treat MSK patients

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Enhace your clinics ability to engage with patients and improve your customer experience.​


If you are suffering with a musculoskeletal problem, we have the tools to help you self-manage.

Effective Patient Engagement

MSK assist is a digital platform created by musculoskeletal specialists and patients to provide the best information, videos and exercises to help patients effectively manage their musculoskeletal problems.

Create MSK treatment plans in seconds

Creating detailed treatment plans with MSK assist is fast and easy. Simply select a diagnosis, and import expert clinical advice about treatments, investigations, exercises and referrals with a few clicks. 


The clinical software behind MSK assist has been developed with continuous advice and feedback from practicing clinicians

Patients access their treatment
plans anytime

MSK assist not only allows patients the luxury of accessing their clinical information at a time that’s convenient. It also provides the opportunity for patients to better understand, reflect and engage with their treatment plan.

The Patient App

A digital treatment plan on-the-go
The mobile app provides each patient with a digital copy of their treatment plan along with exercise videos, detailed information about the diagnosis, treatments, options discussed and investigations.
Patients are gently reminded to complete outcome measure questionnaires and to report back any exercises they have completed allowing the patient and clinician to track recovery progress.

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Musculoskeletal Healthcare

It's more than just exercises
Clinical Information​
The clinical information has been compiled and reviewed by a team of clinical musculoskeletal specialists. Through combining their vast experience with up to date published clinical guidelines MSK assist ensures that it is providing the best clinical information for patients.
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Exercise plans
MSK assist provides a large suite of exercises for clinicians to choose from. To help clinicians with less experience with exercise prescription, MSK assist has matched appropriate exercises for each MSK condition.
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Outcome measures
MSK assist provides the MSK-HQ and PSFS outcome measures on the patient app. Patients progress is recorded on the patient app and is also made visible on their clinical record for clinicians to monitor.
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Social Prescribing
Clinics that use MSK assist can create their own database of local ’non-medical’ services that they wish to display to their patients on the patient app. Clinics can easily keep their lists up to date to make sure their patients have access to the best local services.
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Condition timetines
Many conditions follow common recovery timelines. MSK assist provides recovery timelines for certain conditions for patients to follow. This can help reassure patients that they’re on the right track or indicate that they may need some further help.
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Patient monitoring
Exercise adherence and outcome measure scores that are recorded on the patient app are displayed on the patient’s file. This can facilitate the ability for patients to be monitored and managed remotely.
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Patient videos
MSK assist has created a series of patient educational videos aimed at tackling common issues in musculoskeletal healthcare. These videos are available from the patient app, the MSK assist website and can also be shown within the waiting rooms of services who use MSK assist.
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Free Patient Education Videos

We're making our patient education videos available for clinics to show in their waiting areas. 

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